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Maya Arad - Behind the Mountain

Behind the Mountain
by Maya Arad

Zohar Bar, an English literature teacher in a small college in California, is invited to lecture about crime novels to a group of Israelis who are spending Thanksgiving holiday in a cabin in the Sierra Mountains. As he gets to know the guests he finds himself entangled in past and present mysteries... » more

ISBN: 978-965-560-028-5

Anat Shavit-Pinhasy - Screenplaying

by Anat Shavit-Pinhasy

Daria is a screenplay writer and Ran is a TV producer. They are both happily married, but not to each other. Daria is working for Ran as a production assistant and uses his help to write the screenplay she is working on. The sudden love... » more

ISBN: 978-965-560-022-3

Aminadav A. Dykman - Epigrams – Whichever Way

Epigrams – Whichever Way
by Aminadav A. Dykman

An extraordinary book combining translations of classical Greek epigrams with new poems, inspired by those epigrams, written by the translator Aminadav A. Dykman... » more

ISBN: 978-965-560-024-7

Jan Peter Bremer - Der Amerikanische Investor

Der Amerikanische Investor
by Jan Peter Bremer

Translated from German by Gadi Goldberg
Published May 2016, 116 Pages, 21X13.5,
Retail Price 58 NIS 13 Euros

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ISBN: 978-965-560-027-8

Antonio Ungar - Tres Ataúdes Blancos

Tres Ataúdes Blancos
by Antonio Ungar

Translated from Spanish by Lia Nirgad
Published May 2016, 245 Pages, 21X13.5,
Retail Price 68 NIS 15 Euros

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ISBN: 978-965-560-025-4

Elias Khoury - The Journey of Little Gandhi

The Journey of Little Gandhi
by Elias Khoury

Translated from Arabic by Yehouda Shenhav-Shaharabani
Published April 2016, 182 Pages, 21X13.5,
Retail Price 64 NIS 15 Euros

About this title in Hebrew

ISBN: 978-965-560-026-1

Array[authoramemakor] - Array[booknamemakor]

A magical tale for all ages. The miraculous town of Sanctapu invites the whole world to come and see its exciting beauty. In his rich and poetic language Yakir Ben-Moshe tells the story of a magical town that resides in each and every one of us... » more