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Listed 110 books alphabetically by the name of the Authors
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Ron Barkai - Like An Egyptian Movie

Ron Barkai
Like An Egyptian Movie

An original autobiographical novel, both riveting and chilling. Its hero, a man of heated passions and convictions, fond of the little pleasures of life, grows up on the streets of Cairo and Alexandria and then becomes, in Israel, a shining example of the Zionist vision  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-09-8

Ron Barkai - The Woman Who Loved Stories

Ron Barkai
The Woman Who Loved Stories

Passionario is a historian of the Spanish Civil War, and a man of women. Women fill his life, dreams and memories, and guide his fate.
But only one of them has a crucial role in his life: the woman who loves stories.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-32-2

Yuval Ben-Ami - Susana, Don't You Cry

Yuval Ben-Ami
Susana, Don't You Cry

Eighteen days in the hallucinatory south of the United States. A few months before hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans a young Israeli journalist travels by train, bus, cars, hitchhiking and on foot, to discover what is called the 'true heart' of America, the land of Oh Susana and Georgia on my Mind. A surprising travel diary of the other America, a far cry from the American dream.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-68-3

Amir Ben-David - Top of the World

Amir Ben-David
Top of the World

Astronomer Leon Kam, "an extremely moderate man", goes on his roof every night to watch the stars. When one night he is tempted to aim his telescope at the apartmenet across the street, he sees there a shining galaxy of local stars, among them a beautiful woman in a red dress, and he loses his bearings.  » more

ISBN: 78-965-13-2028-6

Amir Ben-David - Falafel Oslo

Amir Ben-David
Falafel Oslo

Lennon Lombroso was born in Tiberias just hours after John Lennon was assassinated in New York. His father was an avid Beatles fan and a Falafel stand owner. Lennon follows his love to Norway and opens there his own "Falafel Oslo". Much to his surprise he becomes the focus of an international legal and political and emotional entanglement...  » more

ISBN: 978-965-13-2266-6

Yakir Ben-Moshe<br>Illustrations: Dana Darvish - The Golden Gardens of Sanctapu

Yakir Ben-Moshe
Illustrations: Dana Darvish

The Golden Gardens of Sanctapu

A magical tale for all ages. The miraculous town of Sanctapu invites the whole world to come and see its exciting beauty. In his rich and poetic language Yakir Ben-Moshe tells the story of a magical town that resides in each and every one of us...  » more

ISBN: 978-965-13-2123-8

Michael Ben-Yair - Sheikh Jarrah

Michael Ben-Yair
Sheikh Jarrah

Before the 1948 war both Jews and Arabs lived in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. The Jews were evacuated soon after the war started and were compensated by the State of Israel for the property they left behind...  » more

ISBN: 978-965-560-000-1

Avner Bernheimer - You Love Me

Avner Bernheimer
You Love Me

They are a married couple who never got married, both of them men, and their married life is very similar to the life we all know - with its emotions, sadness and joy, frustrations and above all the moments of laughter. An enticing combination of romanticism and humor.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-67-5

Ruth Bondy - Not only Kafka and the Golem

Ruth Bondy
Not only Kafka and the Golem

Ruth Bondy, the great journalist, writer and translator, tells the story of the Jews of Czechoslovakia in her own special way, combining personal stories, memoirs, archival research and literary texts.  » more

ISBN: 978-965-560-009-4

Arie Caspi - Picking on the Weak

Arie Caspi
Picking on the Weak

A selection of Arie Caspi columns written between 1986 and 2003 and published originally in the weekly Koteret Rashit and the daily Ha'aretz. Caspi wrote first and foremost about society and economy, fighting a stubborn and well reasoned battle against the demise of the welfare state and its privatization.  » more

ISBN: 978-965-7120-99-6

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This is a simple story, the usual. A man leaves his wife, his daughter, his home. Twenty years spent together, and he announces he is leaving. He is not happy with her, indeed very unhappy. She tries to stop him, begging him to stay. She cries and pleads. But to no avail. » more