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Listed 110 books alphabetically by the name of the Authors
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Chanoch Farber - Sweet Book

Chanoch Farber
Sweet Book

From chocolate to cakes, from tarts and fruit to sweets - a varied collection of easy to prepare mouth watering recipes, a joy to the palate and the soul. Clear and simple recipes for everyone. Recipes that can be played around with and adapted.  » more

ISBN: 965-511-375-2

Alona Frankel - A Girl

Alona Frankel
A Girl

Alona Frankel, who grew up in Poland during the Second World War, revisits in her first autobiographical novel her difficult childood memories, and does so from the special point of view of the heroine: the young girl who was forced to hide so many times until she became invisible, and continues to hide until today in the woman she grew into  » more

ISBN: 978-965-13-2302-7

Alona Frankel - Teen Years

Alona Frankel
Teen Years

The novel Teen Years starts from the point Alona Frankel's first novel, A Girl, left off. The heroine arrives with her family from Poland to Israel on the last day of 1949, at the age of 12, and discovers a new world, no less strange, ridiculous or complicated than the world she left behind.  » more

ISBN: 978-965-13-2121-4

Alona Frankel - A Woman

Alona Frankel
A Woman

As a child in Poland during the Second World War, and a strange newcomer to Tel Aviv in the 1950's, Alona Frankel learned to thoroughly examine the world around her, to notice every detail, the terrifyingly cruel one as well as the crazily funny. In "A Woman", the third installment in her autobiographical novels...  » more

ISBN: 978-965-13-2232-7

Tamar Gelbetz - The Dead and the Very Much Alive

Tamar Gelbetz
The Dead and the Very Much Alive

Her father died a long time ago. Her mother is dying. And she is next. As simple as that. Tamar Gelbetz' third novel deals with large existential issues: sex, life, passion and fear of dying...  » more

ISBN: 978-965-13-2301-0

Tamar Gelbetz - You're Doing Fine

Tamar Gelbetz
You're Doing Fine

She is doing fine. Or maybe not. She has a husband, a daughter, a job, a cancer that recently hit her and still lurks every six months during the CT test, and a psychologist who tries to help her make her way through the endless anxieties that surround her life.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-37-3

Tamar Gelbetz - Folded

Tamar Gelbetz

This is a simple story, the usual. A man leaves his wife, his daughter, his home. Twenty years spent together, and he announces he is leaving. He is not happy with her, indeed very unhappy. She tries to stop him, begging him to stay. She cries and pleads. But to no avail.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-83-7

Alon Hilu - Death of a Monk

Alon Hilu
Death of a Monk

The year is 1840 and the location Damascus, a vivid and sensual city and yet full of hatred and fear. Following an intimate meeting between the Italian monk Tomasso and Aslan Farhi, a young Jew of a rich merchant family, the Jewish community is accused of murdering the monk in order to use his blood for the Passover rite.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-33-0

Ariel Hirschfeld - Notes on Epiphany

Ariel Hirschfeld
Notes on Epiphany

Sixty days after Batia Gur's death Ariel Hirchfeld started to write the pages that turned out to be his most personal book. In Notes on Epiphany Hirchfeld speaks about Batia Gur after her death, and tells her and us about the most central moments in his life and the history of his heart: moments of epiphany, love and confrontation...  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-76-4

By Ariel Hirschfeld - Where is Time?

By Ariel Hirschfeld
Where is Time?

Amitai wants to play with his Dad, but Dad says he has no Time. Amitai thinks: Where is Dad's Time? How does Time look when it exists? And do I have Time? Where is Time?  » more

ISBN: 978-965-13-2029-3

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An old neighborhood of veteran soldiers is the microcosmos of the conflict between the old pioneering elite, condescending and hypocrite, and the new one, which openly venerates power, passion and money.  » more