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Listed 70 books alphabetically by the name of the Authors
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Ron Barkai - Tel Aviv Underground

Ron Barkai
Tel Aviv Underground

This is one of the happiest mornings in the life of archaeologist Meir Holtzman: he goes on the Tel Aviv metro to submit the manuscript of his latest book, the story of a crusader castle on the occupied West-Bank. The ride on the underground opens up an abyss of horrendous and wonderful memories, all of them focused on a young woman - not always the same woman - who wears a red jacket.  » more

ISBN: 978-965-13-2149-8

Amir Ben-David - Top of the World

Amir Ben-David
Top of the World

Astronomer Leon Kam, "an extremely moderate man", goes on his roof every night to watch the stars. When one night he is tempted to aim his telescope at the apartmenet across the street, he sees there a shining galaxy of local stars, among them a beautiful woman in a red dress, and he loses his bearings.  » more

ISBN: 78-965-13-2028-6

Amir Ben-David - Falafel Oslo

Amir Ben-David
Falafel Oslo

Lennon Lombroso was born in Tiberias just hours after John Lennon was assassinated in New York. His father was an avid Beatles fan and a Falafel stand owner. Lennon follows his love to Norway and opens there his own "Falafel Oslo". Much to his surprise he becomes the focus of an international legal and political and emotional entanglement...  » more

ISBN: 978-965-13-2266-6

Avner Bernheimer - You Love Me

Avner Bernheimer
You Love Me

They are a married couple who never got married, both of them men, and their married life is very similar to the life we all know - with its emotions, sadness and joy, frustrations and above all the moments of laughter. An enticing combination of romanticism and humor.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-67-5

Sami Shalom Chetrit - Doll's Eye

Sami Shalom Chetrit
Doll's Eye

An american TV correspondent, the daughter of a Palestinian mother and a Jewish father, finds herself, against her will, at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She is dragged into a story of life and death, which tears her apart with no solution.  » more

ISBN: 978-965-7120-98-9

Hagai Dagan - Under The Line Of Pleasure

Hagai Dagan
Under The Line Of Pleasure

In Tel-Aviv, a lively and self-celebrating city, a city of beautiful people and virtual deals cut over espressos, lives one, Gershon, who becomes religiously and thoughtfully addicted to the decline, the great surrender, the final defeat.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-10-1

Hagai Dagan - The King Has No House

Hagai Dagan
The King Has No House

Many readers will probably consider Hagai Dagan's new novel The King Has No House to be an Israeli version, Jewish and intelligent, of the Da Vinci Code. One must read Dagan's book in order to understand how profound the difference is between these books.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-62-4

Hagai Dagan - The Land is Sailing

Hagai Dagan
The Land is Sailing

Yearnings to a high-school love are mingled with the yearning for the lost youth of this country,
with its landscape and poetry, as they accompany the hero of this novel, Elad, on his way to his kibbutz class reunion.  » more

ISBN: 965-13-1953-2

Hagai Dagan - Annals Of The Island Of Women

Hagai Dagan
Annals Of The Island Of Women

An original novel that takes place in present day Jaffa and in the diaries of a brothel that stood opposite the shores of the city since the dawn of history.
The historic brothel provides the backdrop for enthralling scenes written in a wonderfully entertaining and convincing erotic prose.  » more

ISBN: 965-90216-4-X

Alona Frankel - A Girl

Alona Frankel
A Girl

Alona Frankel, who grew up in Poland during the Second World War, revisits in her first autobiographical novel her difficult childood memories, and does so from the special point of view of the heroine: the young girl who was forced to hide so many times until she became invisible, and continues to hide until today in the woman she grew into  » more

ISBN: 978-965-13-2302-7

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Nurit Yarden offers a generous, intimate gift: "six gourmet meals from the recipe box inherited from my mother". But rather than going into the kitchen, tying an apron around her waist and continuing the glorious tradition, Yarden chose to put this recpies of female knowledge and good taste into an artist-book mold... » more