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Ron Barkai
The Woman Who Loved Stories

Published 2004
254 pages, paperback, 21X13.5,
retail price 16 Euro

International rights handled by The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature

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ISBN: 965-7120-32-2

Passionario is a historian of the Spanish Civil War, and a man of women. Women fill his life, dreams and memories, and guide his fate. But only one of them has a crucial role in his life: the woman who loves stories. The stories he collects for her take over his life until he is put in an asylum. Only there does he manage to undo the knot of his life, to separate the various threads of his story, and find again the much needed border-crossings between reality and imagination, political anger and passion for life, madness and sanity.

Ron Barkai is a professor of history at Tel-Aviv University. He has published books on Jewish, Muslim, and Christian relations in Spain of the middle ages, on science and magic, and the exchange of culture between the three monotheistic communities.

"A celebration of wild imagination... a funny and wise novel, steeped in literature and history."

Yedioth Ahronoth

"An exceptionally wise novel, great fun, sexy and hilarious... At last an Israeli novel that does not insult its readers with cheap seduction."

Zman Tel-Aviv

"Barkai is an amused and amusing story-teller, full of fun. Pleasure and passion are the main characteristics of the book...a joy to read... a different novel, very enjoyable, well written."