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Peretz Kidron
Refusenik! - Israel's Soldiers of Conscience

Published 2004
207 pages, paperback, 21X13.5,
retail price 14 Euro

A co-publication of Xargol Books and Books in the Attic

Rights sold: France, Golias; Italy, Manifestolibri; Japan, NHK Publishing; UK, ZED Books

ISBN: 965-7120-34-9

Hundreds of Israeli soldiers, called up to take part in controversial campaigns like the 1982 invasion of Lebanon or policing duties in the Palestinian territories today, have refused orders. Many of these 'refuseniks' have faced prison sentences rather than take part in what they regard as an unjust occupation in defence of illegal Jewish settlements. Peretz Kidron, himself a refusenik, gives us the stories, experiences, viewpoints, even poetry, of these courageous conscripts who believe in their country, but not in its actions beyond its borders.

Born in Vienna, Austria, July 1933, and educated in England, Peretz Kidron emigrated to Israel as a young man, and now lives in Jerusalem. A long time activist for peace and refuesnik, he co-authored with Palestinian activist Raymonda Tawil her memoirs My Home, My Prison.

"Our greatest admiration must go to those brave Israeli soldiers who refuse to serve beyond the 1967 borders. These soldiers, who are Jews, take seriously the principle put forward at the Nuremberg trials in 1945-46: namely, that a soldier is not obliged to obey unjust orders - indeed, one has an obligation to disobey them."

Susan Sontag

"Resistance to crimes of state, and refusal to participate in them, has been and remains one of the most significant achievements of people of decency and courage throughout history. The Israelis who have undertaken this honorable course merit the greatest admiration and respect. Their testimonies are a memorable contribution to this noble cause."

Noam Chomsky