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Shimon Riklin
The Sound of Pain

Published 2004
222 pages, paperback, 21X13.5,
retail price 14 Euro

Also by Shimon Riklin:
Wild North

ISBN: 965-7120-41-1

Each of the heroes of the three novellas collected in The Sound of Pain has a special sensitivity, which under certain circumstances becomes crippling. They react with unexpected force to the unbearably powerful sensuality of their world: they fall apart, they collapse into themselves, sometimes they disappear completely - until the narrative finds them again, and even gives them back the life they had lost. But their childhood - the wholeness and innocence which exposed them to the world's violence - cannot be retrieved. In his first book Riklin turns this clash between sensibility and pain into a thrilling, sweeping and troubling drama.

Shimon Riklin was born in Jerusalem in 1953. He is an editor in a large publishing house and has written radio plays, film and TV scripts, theatre plays and children books. The Sound of Pain is his first book for adults.

"A rare combination of fictional complexity and emotional directness."


"Riklin manages with great talent to tell mature stories, which do not fear to scrape the surface, and go deep underground, to reach the roots of emotions and touch open nerves and repressed traumas... he is telling a true story, alive, painful and free of sentimentality."