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Nahum Megged
When Time is Cracked and the Trees Cry

Published 2004
317 pages, paperback, 21X13.5,
retail price 15 Euro

ISBN: 965-7120-49-7

An Israeli anthropoligst flees the country and the bitter memories that chase him, and finds refuge in the Amazonian jungles, embraced by an isolated Indian tribe. As he becomes part of the tribe he is slowly trapped in its magical world - behind every tree, inside every holy cave and at the end of each night he finds secrets to be deciphered, relics of grand civilizations swallowed by the forest, riddles and signs. He realizes he has an important role in the battle between the forest people and the hostile civilization - supposedly rational - that surrounds it. This novel winds together myth and magic with a powerful literary imagination.

Professor Nahum Megged teaches at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and is a widely respected authority on the ethnography and early civilizations of Central America.

"What seems to be at the beginning the observation of an anthropologist turns surprisingly into a sweeping narrative, through which one can sense closely the heartbeat of the rain forest as well as the growing threat of the outside world on the life in it."

National Geographic, Israel

"This narrative, full of motion, is constructed like an anthropolical thriller... a fictional and lively detective story, combining reality and imagination, hallucination, sorcery and dream, which magically transports the reader to another realm, and makes him or her grasp an ancient essence close to the bleeding heart of the jungle..."

Ha'aretz Literary Supplement

"A rich narrative, interweaving stratas of myth and soul with events of the real world. Megged knows how to tell a story, this we have already seen in his non-fiction books. Here he uses a heady mixture of fact and fiction to carry the reader over to another world beyond time and place."