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Michal Zamir
A Ship of Girls

Published 2005
191 pages, paperback, 21X13.5,
retail price 13 Euro

International rights handled by The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature

Rights sold: Germany, Marebuchverlag

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ISBN: 965-7120-54-3

She is not yet twenty years old, a clerk in the compulsory military service, one of many on a base where there are a lot of high ranking male officers. But something in the dense atmosphere of the military college has totally undone her.

This is a different world - within the Israeli realm, but having its own rules: a world in which young girl soldiers and high ranking male officers are trapped in an intimate tangle, tempting and threatening at the same time. This world is so remote and secluded, so full of secrets, that it can be imagined as a ship - a ship sailing in false safety in high waters, and two years later lets ashore women who had once been girls.

Michal Zamir was born in 1964 in Tel Aviv. She has studied Philosophy and Literature at the Tel Aviv University and has an M.A. in Yiddish literature. A Ship of Girls is her second book.

"An excellent novel."

Ha'aretz Literary Supplement

"A beautiful and interesting novel which examines through the story of a girl soldier the brutal laws underlying the relations between the genders... tragic and sober feminism."


"Zamir writes not only about sexual harrassment, but about a larger feminine experience - existential harrassment... chronic harrassment... basic humiliation that keeps growing with nowhere to unload it, humiliation that accompanies women for years... written with courage and a lot of humour."