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Noa Yedlin
Batia Kolton (Illustrator)

You Ask, God Replies

Published 2005
135 hardcover, 17X19,
retail price 14 Euro

ISBN: 965-7120-63-2

An insolent book, daring and original; the perfect gift for readers who like humor. Everything we wanted to know, and not only did not dare to ask, but had no one to ask G'd for the first time answers questions put to him over the years, does so in a surprisingly witty style, revealing a bit of how His mind works.

Noa Yedlin was born in Tel Aviv (1975). She has BA and MA degrees in East Asian studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Lived in China for six months. From the age of 20 works as a journalist and TV critic.

Batia Kolton is a leading illustrator and drawer of comics in Israel, belongs to the group of Actos comics illustrators. Her work is published in newspapers and magazines.

"A clever journalist and a gifted illustrator joined in the creation of this book and the result is a funny satire - truly brilliant "


"A very funny book, wild, unbridled, totally undisciplined and extremely funny. I never stopped laughing."

Galey Tzahal

"There is something daring and even scandalous in Noa Yedlin's mirror of the values of the Israeli world, the religious and secular..."