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Ariel Hirschfeld
Notes on Epiphany

Published 2006
216 pages, paperback, 13.5X21
retail price 14 Euro

ISBN: 965-7120-76-4

Sixty days after Batia Gur's death Ariel Hirchfeld started to write the pages that turned out to be his most personal book. In Notes on Epiphany Hirchfeld speaks about Batia Gur after her death, and tells her and us about the most central moments in his life and the history of his heart: moments of epiphany, love and confrontation with what is impossible to express in the life around us - death.

Ariel Hirchfeld was born in 1953 in Pardes Hana. He studied Musicology and Hebrew literature at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is a senior lecturer of Hebrew literature at the Hebrew University and teaches at Bezalel Academy. Hirchfeld is a researcher and essayist of literature, music and art and published a number of books on these topics.

"This book documents a consciousness that is attentive to its natural and artistic surroundings, with a deeply embedded longing for beauty and the ability to savour it and linger on it with patience and concentration. A daily anecdote turns into a sensuous fable about food, identity, tradition and death. The simplicity and humor are captivating."


"The fountain of words springing forth from Ariel Hirchfeld's 'Notes' is rare in its beauty and manages to induce us to hear the sights and see the voices, to taste the smells and smell the tastes. This emergence of the senses, the continuous mixing and remaking turn the reading into such a surprising and refreshing experience"

Timeout Tel Aviv

"The book is a delightful treasure... The right measure, the wisdom and the beauty of these notes form a direct provocation, demanding attention, for anyone writing Hebrew at the present time."