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Hagai Dagan
The Land is Sailing

Published September 2007
185 pages, paperback, 21X13.5,
retail price 15 Euro

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ISBN: 965-13-1953-2

Yearnings to a high-school love are mingled with the yearning for the lost youth of this country, with its landscape and poetry, as they accompany the hero of this novel, Elad, on his way to his kibbutz class reunion.

But the reunion, which starts on a promising note, ends with an earthquake that causes the land to disconnect from the Syro-African fault and embark on a mysterious sail. This is a surprising book, a sweet love affair that turns into a powerful apocalyptic novel.

Hagai Dagan was born in 1964 in Kibbutz Ein Hamifratz. He studied philosophy, theology and Jewish philosophy at Tel Aviv and Freiburg Universities. He teaches Jewish philosophy at Sapir College. He published short stories and essays in literary journals and magazines as well as a collection of poems.