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Tamir Lahav-Radlmesser
Second Person Plural

166 pages, hardcover, 23.8X27.5,
retail price 23.45 Euro

Also by: Tamir Lahav-Radlmesser
- A Room for Two

ISBN: 978-965-13-2026-2

"The male nude in Tamir Lahav-Radlmesser's works is the object of an intense observation. The men in these photographs are not only the individual people in them; they also represent different kinds of men." Tamir Lahav-Radlmesser's artist book is a powerful interim summary of a long term artistical project, focussing on the male nude. The book's chapters are accompanied by an illuminating series of essays, written by Ariel Hirschfeld.

Tamir Lahav-Radlmesser is a poet, photographer and designer. He is a graduate of the Bezlael Art Acadeny in Jerusalem, and lives in Tel-Aviv. His photographs were shown in museums and galleries in Israel and abroad. He won the Prime Minister's award for Hebrew Writers in 2005.

Ariel Hirschfeld was born in 1953 in Pardes Hana. He studied musicology and Hebrew literature at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is a senior lecturer of Hebrew literature at the Hebrew University and teaches at Bezalel Academy. Hirschfeld is a researcher and essayist of literature, music and art and published a number of books on these topics.

A man in full by Dalia Karpel: "Anyone who enters Tamir Lahav-Radlmesser's Tel Aviv apartment can expect a surprise - or perhaps even a slight shock. On the right-hand wall is a huge black and white, 1.25-meter-square photograph of the artist. He is wearing pants and black shoes, but his shirt is completely unbuttoned and he is cradling a naked man of about 20, who is cuddling up to him in a fetal position. Lahav-Radlmesser has a gentle look on his face and is hugging the young man, who is hiding his head in his chest and appears to be nursing eagerly. "  » more

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