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Alona Frankel
Teen Years

266 pages, paperback, 21X15,
Retail price 16 Euro
Published August 2009

Also by Alona Frankel:
- A Woman
- Girl

ISBN: 978-965-13-2121-4

The novel Teen Years starts from the point Alona Frankel's first novel, A Girl, left off. The heroine arrives with her family from Poland to Israel on the last day of 1949, at the age of 12, and discovers a new world, no less strange, ridiculous or complicated than the world she left behind. A story of immigration and coming of age, surprising and full of humour, as well as an extraordinary portrait of Israel in the 1950's, with all its beauty and ugliness.

Alona Frankel is one of the best known and most loved authors of children's books in Israel. She wrote and illustrated more than 30 books for children, all of them successful for many years. Some of them have been translated into other languages. Teen Years is her second novel for adults. Her first one, A Girl, won the Sappir Literary Prize in 2005.