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Ron Barkai
Tel Aviv Underground

Published November 2010
252 pages, paperback, 21X15,
retail price 18 Euro

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ISBN: 978-965-13-2149-8

This is one of the happiest mornings in the life of archaeologist Meir Holtzman: he goes on the Tel Aviv metro to submit the manuscript of his latest book, the story of a crusader castle on the occupied West-Bank.

The ride on the underground opens up an abyss of horrendous and wonderful memories, all of them focused on a young woman - not always the same woman - who wears a red jacket.

Is the mysterious identity of the young woman related to a romantic, erotic, domestic or political complication in his past? All the answers could be correct

Ron Barkai is a professor (Emeritus) of history at Tel-Aviv University. He has published books on Jewish, Muslim, and Christian relations in Spain of the middle ages, on science and magic, and the exchange of culture between the three monotheistic communities.