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Maya Arad
Behind the Mountain

Published September 2016
327 pages, paperback, 21X15,
Retail Price 98 NIS 23 Euros

Also by Maya Arad:
- Another Place, A Foreign City
- Seven Moral Failings
- Family Pictures
- Short Story Master
- Suspected Dementia
- Lady of Kazan
- The Hebrew Teacher

ISBN: 978-965-560-028-5

Zohar Bar, an English literature teacher in a small college in California, is invited to lecture about crime novels to a group of Israelis who are spending Thanksgiving holiday in a cabin in the Sierra Mountains.

As he gets to know the guests he finds himself entangled in past and present mysteries, while the subject of his lectures blurs his judgement.

In her 6th novel Maya Arad has written a loving tribute to classical crime literature. In addition to her novels, Maya Arad has also written a novel in rhymes, three novellas and a theatre play.