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Chanoch Farber
Sweet Book

Bestseller !

Published 2002
232 pages, hard cover, 27X21,
retail price 24 Euro

International rights handled by Miskal - Yedioth Ahronoth Books and Xargol Books

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Bar-B-Q Indoors and Outdoors: Easy Recipes

ISBN: 965-511-375-2

From chocolate to cakes, from tarts and fruit to sweets - a varied collection of easy to prepare mouth watering recipes, a joy to the palate and the soul. Clear and simple recipes for everyone. Recipes that can be played around with and adapted. Chanoch Farber, chef and cookbook writer (Mapa Guide to Food Trips, Simple Pleasures) offers classic recipes, old favourites, and an abundance of his own private recipes. Nearly all marked with a special and unique personal touch.

Chanoch Farber (1953-2005), a graduate of the Bazalel Art Academy, was a celebrated Israeli chef and cookbook writer, and formerly the culinary editor of the foremost food magazine in Israel.

"One of the most splendid bakery books published here in the last few years. Firstly the beauty. Wonderful design, different, awe inspiring. And so too are the recipes - easy, interesting and successful."


"A pleasant fall into Farber's magic trap... terrific recipes."

Yedioth Ahronoth