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Death of a Monk - Alon Hilu FRIENDLY  PRINTING

Alon Hilu
Death of a Monk

Published 2004
Shortlisted for the Sapir Prize
(the Israeli Booker) 2005!
250 pages, paperback, 21X13.5,
retail price 16 Euro

Full English translation is available

International rights handled by The Deborah Harris Agency, Jerusalem

Rights sold: UK, Harville Secker; France, Seuil; Italy, Mondadori; Greece, Metaichmio; Holland, Ambo/Anthos

Film rights sold:
Uchovsky-Fox (creators of Walk on Water and Yossi & Jagger)

ISBN: 965-7120-33-0
About this title in Hebrew

The year is 1840 and the location Damascus, a vivid and sensual city and yet full of hatred and fear. Following an intimate meeting between the Italian monk Tomasso and Aslan Farhi, a young Jew of a rich merchant family, the Jewish community is accused of murdering the monk in order to use his blood for the Passover rite.

In a rich and sparkling language, Alon Hilu presents a surprisingly powerful story of an emotional conflict that leads to a blood libel, a moving and imaginative version of what is known in Jewish history as the Damascus Affair.

Alon Hilu (born in 1972) is a legal counsel of an international hi-tech company. He is the author of The Day of the Dogs (Acco Festival, Israel 1999) and Wedding Tonight (Short Plays Festival, Israel 1998). He also published short stories during the nineties. Death of A Monk is his first novel.

"Rich and sweeping prose... virtuoso Hebrew... an excellent first novel."


"No less than brilliant... Hilu manages to give history what it lacks most of all - a face and a voice, and this is a unique voice, consistent and moving."


"A fascinating and unique voice in the Hebrew literature."


"Strange, dark, passionate, full of imagination and different from anything you know in Hebrew literature."


Alon Hilu
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