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Listed 118 books alphabetically by the name of the Authors
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Yair Assulin - The Drive

Yair Assulin
The Drive

This the voyage of a young Israeli soldier, accompanied by his father, to meet a military psychiatrist. In his mature prose, Yair Assulin penetrates the torn world of the hero, whose voyage is not just that of a young religious soldier...  » more

ISBN: 978-965-13-2151-1

Yair Asulin - The Things Themselves

Yair Asulin
The Things Themselves

Yair Asulin's second novel is the story of two boys and a girl, teen-agers in a small town, involved in real and imaginary romances, struggling with their religious beliefs and their rebellious fantasies...  » more

ISBN: 978-965-560-010-0

Eran Bar-Gil - Horseshoe and Violin

Eran Bar-Gil
Horseshoe and Violin

Yonni and Danni are identical twins who were separated soon after birth, until an accidental encounter brings them together again. Eran Bar-Gil weaves a deep and enthralling novel, breathtaking and sober, written musically and touching on some of the most basic human issues - loneliness, what lies beyond it, and the ancient dream of finding one's own image reflected in another person, in music, in art, in love.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-57-8

Ron Barkai - Tel Aviv Underground

Ron Barkai
Tel Aviv Underground

This is one of the happiest mornings in the life of archaeologist Meir Holtzman: he goes on the Tel Aviv metro to submit the manuscript of his latest book, the story of a crusader castle on the occupied West-Bank. The ride on the underground opens up an abyss of horrendous and wonderful memories, all of them focused on a young woman - not always the same woman - who wears a red jacket.  » more

ISBN: 978-965-13-2149-8

Ron Barkai - Like An Egyptian Movie

Ron Barkai
Like An Egyptian Movie

An original autobiographical novel, both riveting and chilling. Its hero, a man of heated passions and convictions, fond of the little pleasures of life, grows up on the streets of Cairo and Alexandria and then becomes, in Israel, a shining example of the Zionist vision  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-09-8

Ron Barkai - The Woman Who Loved Stories

Ron Barkai
The Woman Who Loved Stories

Passionario is a historian of the Spanish Civil War, and a man of women. Women fill his life, dreams and memories, and guide his fate.
But only one of them has a crucial role in his life: the woman who loves stories.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-32-2

Yuval Ben-Ami - Susana, Don't You Cry

Yuval Ben-Ami
Susana, Don't You Cry

Eighteen days in the hallucinatory south of the United States. A few months before hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans a young Israeli journalist travels by train, bus, cars, hitchhiking and on foot, to discover what is called the 'true heart' of America, the land of Oh Susana and Georgia on my Mind. A surprising travel diary of the other America, a far cry from the American dream.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-68-3

Amir Ben-David - Falafel Oslo

Amir Ben-David
Falafel Oslo

Lennon Lombroso was born in Tiberias just hours after John Lennon was assassinated in New York. His father was an avid Beatles fan and a Falafel stand owner. Lennon follows his love to Norway and opens there his own "Falafel Oslo". Much to his surprise he becomes the focus of an international legal and political and emotional entanglement...  » more

ISBN: 978-965-13-2266-6

Amir Ben-David - Top of the World

Amir Ben-David
Top of the World

Astronomer Leon Kam, "an extremely moderate man", goes on his roof every night to watch the stars. When one night he is tempted to aim his telescope at the apartmenet across the street, he sees there a shining galaxy of local stars, among them a beautiful woman in a red dress, and he loses his bearings.  » more

ISBN: 78-965-13-2028-6

Yakir Ben-Moshe<br>Illustrations: Dana Darvish - The Golden Gardens of Sanctapu

Yakir Ben-Moshe
Illustrations: Dana Darvish

The Golden Gardens of Sanctapu

A magical tale for all ages. The miraculous town of Sanctapu invites the whole world to come and see its exciting beauty. In his rich and poetic language Yakir Ben-Moshe tells the story of a magical town that resides in each and every one of us...  » more

ISBN: 978-965-13-2123-8

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From Mili Avital to Avraham Burg, from Muhammad Bakri to Shlomo Ben Ami, from Batia Gur to Amos Oz, from Yitzhak Rabin to Ehud Barak: one hundred and fifty artists, singers, actors, politicians, writers, athletes, figures that are an integral part of Israeli life. » more