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Listed 116 books alphabetically by the name of the Authors
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Amir Or - Song Of Tahira

Amir Or
Song Of Tahira

An Israeli poet invents, in an amazingly beautiful poetic prose, an archaic epic of a people that never were. Gods, and people, kings and heroes, swirl under the great wings of fate in a whirlpool of desires and love, an adventure of bravery and power struggles. An enthralling plot full of inspiration and flight.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-04-7

Noam Partom - Setting the Water on Fire

Noam Partom
Setting the Water on Fire

Noam Partom's poems are volcanic eruptions of verbal, emotional and intellectual forces. Partom's writing is musical and dramatic...  » more

ISBN: 978-965-13-2307-2

Shimon Riklin - Wild North

Shimon Riklin
Wild North

Lt.-Col. Ichele, who is having fun by putting Lebanon on fire, has a weakness for military clerks. Having lost his favourite clerk in an absolutely unnecessary operation, he sets on a remorseless journey of vengence, recruiting private Jacob Zilberstein to help him.  » more

ISBN: 978-965-7120-91-0

Shimon Riklin - The Sound of Pain

Shimon Riklin
The Sound of Pain

Each of the heroes of the three novellas collected in The Sound of Pain has a special sensitivity, which under certain circumstances becomes crippling. They react with unexpected force to the unbearably powerful sensuality of their world: they fall apart, they collapse into themselves, sometimes they disappear completely - until the narrative finds them again, and even gives them back the life they had lost.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-41-1

Carmela Rubin, Shira Naftali (editors) - The Rubin Book Of Numbers

Carmela Rubin, Shira Naftali (editors)
The Rubin Book Of Numbers

The numbers book with Reuven's paintings, is a sequel to the alphabet book. It invites children to study the first ten numbers, in a most interesting and magical way, through details from the paintings, so full of life and joy, of the painter Reuven Rubin.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-73-X

Carmela Rubin, Shira Naftali (Editors) - The Rubin Hebrew Aleph-Bet Book

Carmela Rubin, Shira Naftali (Editors)
The Rubin Hebrew Aleph-Bet Book

The Rubin's ABC invites children to learn to read in an exciting and charming way the 22 Hebrew alphabet letters and words beginning with each letter. Next to every letter there are details from Rubin's famous and loved paintings, full of life and joy.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-46-2

Igal Sarna - State Witness

Igal Sarna
State Witness

State Witness is the summary of Igal Sarna's journalistic work since the Lebanon Invasion of 1982 up to the Gaza pullout in 2005: This is a personal journey to the occupied territories and back, on and on for hundreds of times, to a burning, beaten and fighting region, an hour drive from the Tel Aviv cosy espresso bar.  » more

ISBN: 978-965-7120-97-2

Gali Sembira - Thirty Months of Love

Gali Sembira
Thirty Months of Love

Thirty months before her thirtieth birthday Gali meets Shani, and goes with her on a long journey that brings her to a place which is very close and very far - to herself: outside the prison of physical touch, outside the box. Coming out of the closet was just one further, and essential, step in a much deeper process, in which she learned to touch, to embrace, to feel, to know herself and to love without masks.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-56-X

Aharon Shabtai - Seven Poems

Aharon Shabtai
Seven Poems

The seven poems collected here were written between 1975 and 1985. The poems were originally written continously, and pioneered a real revolution in Hebrew poetry...  » more

ISBN: 978-965-13-0309-6

Aharon Shabtai - Sun Oh Sun

Aharon Shabtai
Sun Oh Sun

Aharon Shabtai is one of the most prominent poets in Israel. His eighteenth poetry book is a collection of poems written in the last 3 years. It is the clearest expression so far of Shabtai's politcal poetry.  » more

ISBN: 965-7120-62-4

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Array[authoramemakor] - Array[booknamemakor]

This is the story, told in two echoing voices, of an Israeli pilot whose plane was shot down in Lebanon and of his wife who was left alone. Will the pilot be rescued by the all knowing commando unit?  » more