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Seven Moral Failings - Maya Arad FRIENDLY  PRINTING

Maya Arad
Seven Moral Failings


Published 2006
391 pages, paperback, 21X13.5,
retail price 16 Euro

International rights handled by The Deborah Harris Agency, Jerusalem

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- Another Place, A Foreign City
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ISBN: 965-7120-81-0
About this title in Hebrew

Four candidates vie for a prestigious position in a leading university. One is thorough, but slow, the second brilliant but arrogant, the third pleasant but lacks confidence, and the fourth assumes she knows all. Who will manage to outdo the others and obtain the position? Seven Moral Failings, Maya Arad's first novel in prose, is a modern comedy of morals, witty and brilliant, full of surprises and sharp irony.

Maya Arad was born in Israel (1971) and grew up in Kibbutz Nahal-Oz. She graduated in Classics and Linguistics at the Tel Aviv University and has a Ph.D. in Linguistics from London University. She taught at Stanford University.

Her first book Another Place, a Foreign City, a novel in rhymes, also published by Xargol, won the Ministry of Education and Culture award and in 2005 was Shortlisted for the Sapir prize (the Israeli Booker). In 2006 it was performed as a play at the Cameri Theater.

After having examined the funnier and less glamorous aspects of academic life in the critically acclaimed best seller Seven Moral Failings (2006), she published in 2008 a collection of three novellas, Family Pictures, examining family life.

"Maya Arad is the freshest voice in Hebrew literature in recent years."

Timeout Tel Aviv

"When a book offers entertainment and erudition, tension and humor, irony and empathy, and even some morals - what shall I say - you are lucky."

Makor Rishon

"A most impressive literary achievement... delightful and clever."


"'Brilliant' is the right expression for this book… a book carefully framed in the sort of genre that characterizes the best of English literature, sticks to the classical form and at the same time brings to life the world in which we live, proving Arad's ability to produce an up to date creation based on literary tradition while at the same time dealing with eternal philosophical questions.

"Against the background of the common realistic writing of the present, which focuses on 'our Tel Aviv', it is heartwarming to read this Hebrew - yet almost English - novel, showing a deep insight of the essence of writing and of life."

Ha'aretz Literary Supplement

Maya Arad
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