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Under The Line Of Pleasure - Hagai Dagan FRIENDLY  PRINTING

Hagai Dagan
Under The Line Of Pleasure

Published 2001 184 pages, paperback, 21X13.5,
retail price 14 Euro

International rights handled by Eva Koralnik, Lipman AG, Zurich

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The Land is Sailing

ISBN: 965-7120-10-1
About this title in Hebrew

In Tel-Aviv, a lively and self-celebrating city, a city of beautiful people and virtual deals cut over espressos, lives one, Gershon, who becomes religiously and thoughtfully addicted to the decline, the great surrender, the final defeat. Gershon is but one of the lost and crazed heroes of perhaps the funniest novel ever written in Hebrew.

Hagai Dagan was born in 1964 in Kibbutz Ein Hamifratz. He studied philosophy, theology and Jewish philosophy at Tel Aviv and Freiburg Universities. He teaches Jewish philosophy at Sapir College. He published short stories and essays in literary journals and magazines as well as a collection of poems.

"It is the language which is the true hero of this funny, intelligent, and intellectual novel, despite its focus on erotica."

The Marker

"...fresh, refreshing, funny, amusing, very masculine, and also supported by a significant foundation of ideas... fun to read. Not many Israeli authors take the fun factor into account, and even fewer succeed in producing fun."


"Dagan joins the ranks of other noted humorists: his Shamai and Gershon... could be the descendents of Dickens' Pickwicks, the great grandsons of the protagonists of Three Men in a Boat, or the scions of the Tristram Shandy dynasty."


"Despite the laughs, Under the Line of Pleasure is a book which should be taken very seriously: it is written in a unique and complex language, packed with invention and flashes of brilliance, bizarre perception and fine analysis."

Yedioth Ahronoth

"A literary revelation of rare quality and sophistication, an amazingly fresh and totally new writing."

Zman Tel-Aviv

Hagai Dagan
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