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Under the Sign of the Lotus - Dan Tsalka FRIENDLY  PRINTING

Dan Tsalka
Under the Sign of the Lotus

Published 2002
408 pages, paperback, 21X13.5,
retail price 18 Euro

International rights handled by Locher & Lawrence, Literarische Agentur, Munchen

Rights sold: Germany, DVA; France, Denoel; Netherland, Uitgeverij Arbeiderspers

Also by Dan Tsalka:
Tsalka's ABC
Morocco: Travel Notes
Thousand Hearts
11 Stories

ISBN: 965-7120-19-5
About this title in Hebrew

Yanai Valdman, a wondrous combination of peripheral politician and daring artist for whom history is the arena of creation, and Yotam Ninio, a gifted linguist who is expelled from university and becomes a junky and an informer for the Israeli General Security Services, try to take an alleged descendant of the house of David and make him King of Israel. The novel is lucid and deep, multi-dimensional and multi-plotted, amazingly funny, almost magical, never naive, a heart-breaking love song for a disintegrating society and its cracked dreams.

Dan Tsalka, born in Warsaw just before WWII, fled with his parents to Russia and Kazakhstan, spent years in Paris, London, Rome and Amsterdam and lived in Tel-Aviv, where he died on June 2005. He is the author of the acclaimed novel A Thousand Hearts and many other novels, stories, poems and essays.

"Suddenly this pearl has emerged... a wise parody of our condition as wonderers and wanderers, as lost people who cling to legends ancient and new. In one word: Great!"


"As a skilful sorcerer, Tsalka succeeds in displaying a dazzling illusionistic play... A brilliant and surprising novel."

Yedioth Ahronoth

"Remarkably readable and entertaining... a forceful plot... If it reaches the right hands, it proves to be, in a celluloid version, moving and funny to the point of tears."


Dan Tsalka
© All rights reserved