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Folded - Tamar Gelbetz FRIENDLY  PRINTING

Tamar Gelbetz


Published December 2006
187 pages, paperback, 21X13.5,
retail price 14 Euro

International rights handled by the Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature

Also by Tamar Gelbetz:
- You're Doing Fine
- The Dead and the Very Much Alive
- The Last One

ISBN: 965-7120-83-7
About this title in Hebrew

This is a simple story, the usual. A man leaves his wife, his daughter, his home. Twenty years spent together, and he announces he is leaving. He is not happy with her, indeed very unhappy. She tries to stop him, begging him to stay. She cries and pleads. But to no avail. He rents an apartment and moves out. She is left behind and comes to know herself, learns to live without him, and comes to life.

Tamar Galbetz was born in 1957 and started to work as a journalist in the eighties. Her writing has always been witty with a special, assertive outlook. She edited weekend and culture magazines and wrote TV reviews. She also wrote for TV series.

"Disregarding all the rules, she is an accurate and sharp observer. At the same time there is a lot of softness and sweetness in her writing. Her prose melts on the tongue like exquisite chocolate."

Ha'aretz Literary Supplement

"It is beautiful - truly delightful."


"She skillfully stretches the limits of the body, the limits of humiliation, and the limits of self destruction. She writes a woman's voice seldom heard..."

Iton Tel Aviv

"What a wonderful book, full of the joy of words, urban sophistication, sexy, up to date and relevant, relevant, relevant. A compact, stormy dialogue. An enticing, complex and polished novel. Compressed, hyperbolic, intense, bitter, grotesque, persecuted and persecuting, sharp as a knife cutting parsley into very fine shreds, fast - very fast... astounding, sharp and amazing."


Tamar Gelbetz
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