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11 Stories - Dan Tsalka FRIENDLY  PRINTING

Dan Tsalka
11 Stories

Published 2004
286 pages, paperback, 21X13.5,
retail price 15 Euro

Almost all the stories are available in English translation

International rights handled by Locher & Lawrence, Literarische Agentur, Munchen

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ISBN: 965-7120-45-4
About this title in Hebrew

Dan Tsalka's best stories are collected in 11 Stories, which is one of the most beautiful books in contemporary Hebrew literature, deep and rich in imagination. The stories were written in the course of three decades, appeared for the first time in six different books, and reflect a wide spectrum of literary options, from a romantic legend to sheer realism, from a dark kabbalistic story to a shining ballad. This collection paves an especially joyful way to get acquainted with the fascinating work of the winner of the 2004 Sapir prize.

The afterword by Eli Hirsch, the editor, attempts an elucidation of the basic experience underlying these stories.

Dan Tsalka, born in Warsaw just before WWII, fled with his parents to Russia and Kazakhstan, spent years in Paris, London, Rome and Amsterdam and lived in Tel-Aviv, where he died on June 2005. He is the author of the acclaimed novel A Thousand Hearts and many other novels, stories, poems and essays.

"A pleasure to read... Tsalka's talent - a varied story teller, accurate and deliberate in every move, but also sober in his view of the reality he wishes to realize, always ready to capture every short breath among the punctuation marks and give it its own existence in the eyes of his readers - is emphasized in this collection... A rich and exciting statement on the artist's position and his observation of reality... 11 Stories offers quite a few moments of grace."


"On the Road to Aleppo [English title of Tsalka's old collection of stories] is a signal indication of Dan Tsalka's vivid chromatic scale - philosophical, historical, mythic and modernist. This is the rich fiction of storytelling wonder."

Don DeLillo

"Dan Tsalka is one of the most accomplished storytellers of our time. His stories are a mirror of the secret workings of the world. Under the guise of a chronicle of everyday events, Tsalka unveils the darkest passages, strangest corners and most intimate hiding-places of the human heart."

Alberto Manguel

Dan Tsalka
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